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Oragenics: Products & Services

Oragenics produces and distributes probiotics that help to improve oral health. They have a wide range of products that are enhanced to naturally support the teeth and gums. Their dental aids also whiten the teeth and give fresher breath. Some of the items that Oragenics produces are:

Oragenics: Company Background

EvoraPlus was created to combat the problems associated with the standard American diet, which is high in sugar. This sugar feeds the harmful bacteria which can cause plaque and gum disease.

The company was founded in 2009 by Dr. Jeffery Hillman, who is also its chief scientific officer. Their aim is to present a new line of probiotics that significantly improve oral health.

Oragenics: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Customers who have used Oragenics products are pleased with the results.

“Saw this on TV about four months ago, and it's not available in our stores yet so I ordered it through Amazon, thank you Amazon:) and I use all Organic products, including Tom's toothpaste, the best, and usually brushed my teeth 4-5 times a day! Because I like the just brushed fresh breath feeling. So I ordered these mints and they work! I only brush three times a day now! The taste, (bc some said the taste was unbearable) no it's not. Someone else said it tasted like a Necco candy, ah no it doesn't, it's more like a powdery faint and I do mean faint mint taste that really is nothing to write home about taste wise, but totally tolerable. If you put it on your tongue or in between your cheek and gum and just let it dissolve, you wont even taste it at all!
So buy it, enjoy it! and hopefully the more pp that buy it the price will come down, that would be my only downfall of this product, the price. 10 yes, 20 is a little steep.

Bella Vita “Winter Wonderland”

Feb, 2010

Oragenics: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Research on Oragenics EvoraPlus Probiotics began at the Harvard affiliated Forsyth Institute more than 25 years ago.

Oragenics EvoraPlus Probiotics has received positive reviews for their gum care products on numerous sites, including:

  • The Nutritionist
  • Busy Working Mama
  • Faith Family Frugality
  • Mummy’s Product
  • The Candid
  • Their press release on states that their products are now offered state wide through Walgreen’s at all their retail locations.
  • The founder, Dr. Jeffery Hillman, is a professor Emeritus at the College of Dentistry at the University of Florida
Oragenics: Website Popularity & Google Ranking
Oragenics: Social Media Presence
Oragenics: Website Security & Safety
Oragenics: Pricing & Packages
  • A 30 day supply of Oragenics EvoraPlus Probiotics for gum care costs $14.95
  • Unlike other products, it is a probiotic mint that also whitens the teeth and immediately freshens the breath; you do not have to wait to experience the fresh breath benefits.
  • Other products work mainly through the body’s immune system
  • This compares well with other products that are on the market
Oragenics: Shipping Rates & Policies
Oragenics: Payment Methods Accepted

Clients who buy Oragenics EvoraPlus Probiotics for gum care get a thirty day money back guarantee. This means that there is not risk to trying the product. For example, If you order the pet product for your cat or dog and do not notice an improvement in breath freshness or the coloration of their teeth, you are free to return them for a refund.

Oragenics: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy
Oragenics: Product images & screenshots
Oragenics Coupons
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